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Entry #4

kill me

2016-03-08 19:20:59 by PannedCakes



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2016-03-08 20:21:50

That your ride?

PannedCakes responds:

Yes, I am the 8th owner


2016-03-08 20:35:44

Oh, shit, no wonder you said, "kill me."


2016-03-08 20:49:06

So would you prefer a BMX?

PannedCakes responds:

No because I don't know how to do any tricks


2016-03-08 22:29:32

You know, at first I was gonna be all like *bang!bang!you're dead* but after seeing those wheels... likely an automatic, hope the gears don't slip. Maybe do something with the plate in between the headlights, like remove it and add chicken wire, or something that looks like a black grill, IDK.

If the heater works, and all the bits are still working, groovy. It's like a 2 liter, 4 cyl thing, yeah?

PannedCakes responds:

It's the 3 liter Vulcan V6. Yeah it's auto but when I saw it on craigslist for so cheap I couldn't pass it up. Everything works that should.


2016-03-09 00:00:24

Some people don't ever get a car, be thankful, even if your ride isn't great.


2016-03-10 16:45:43 Looks like an okay engine, you change the sparkplugs, oil and filters yet? If you're using 5-30 keep an eye on the oil level once a month, 10-30 might slow it down, but not burn as much oil. How many miles on it?

PannedCakes responds:

Yeah, I'm glad it came with the V6 rather than the notoriously awful 4 cylinder. The 3 speed auto holds it back either way though.

Haven't gotten to change the oil yet, so I've tried to not to drive it too much since I got it last week. I'm going to be changing it (and the filter ofc) this weekend. Haven't even checked the spark plugs though, I guess I'll do that tomorrow. Actually not sure how many miles are on it, lmao. The odometer is stuck at 172k. I don't really plan on keeping it very long; I'll probably drive it until some major issue arises and by then I should have money for something with less owners and less miles.


2016-03-11 00:05:29

My Pop was always amazed at how badly America makes automatic transmissions, maybe has something to do with our lower octane content... I know older cars go through sparkplugs faster than new ones, thanks to electronic everything, just hope yours come out and go back in okay.